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No Wasted Ink Writer’s Links

writers-linksSometimes I get lucky in my surfing and find plenty of good links to articles about the writing process. This is one of those times. There is everything here from dealing with writing and reading when you are visually impaired to how to be a better writer in general. Enjoy.

How I Use Scrivener To Organize My Book Writing

Getting Started With Jutoh: A List of Resources and a Cheat Sheet

Want to Become a Better Writer? Copy the Work of Others!

Ode to Scrivener

Reading Challenges of a Visually Impaired Writer in the Digital World

D is for Dashes – The Definitive Guide: You Need Never Query Them Again

How E-Books Saved My Ability to Read

A Tale of Two Sisters and Hamlet

Prewriting Checklist

Book Vloggin’ with Jan: Women of Science Fiction

No Wasted Ink Writer’s Links

writers-linksIt is time for another Monday of writer’s links here on No Wasted Ink. This time I found articles about the art of self publishing, the future of the book industry, and posts about writing in general. Enjoy!

Beyond Dickens: Trends and Tech in Serial Fiction

A Self-Publishing Checklist for First-Time Authors

What Is Speculative Fiction?

Go Midwest, Young Writer: Why the Middle of the Country (Not Brooklyn) Is the Future of American Literature

Not even one note

We’re The Pinnacle of Civilization — Just Like Everyone Else

The 4 Things You Must Do to Succeed as an Indie Author

Secrets of a Bestselling Author: How to Become a Writing Machine

What is the Future of Bookstores? 25 Influential Authors Weigh In

Worldbuilding: Integrating the Top Down and the Bottom Up

No Wasted Ink Writer’s Links

writers-linksThe right tools of the trade is a subject that I’m fond of. Perhaps it comes from my artisan jeweler background where I have a bench covered in a myriad of hammers, saws, and antique tools that I use to create jewelry. Writing is another medium, filled with specialized tools of its own. I hope you enjoy this week’s offerings.

How to Build Street Cred as an Indie Author

The Writer’s Journey

Travel to Write, Write to Travel

Speed Reading Redux

How To Write Well: 10 Essential Self-Editing Tips

Here’s What Both Pantsing and Plotting Miss: The Real Story

Lewis Carroll Discusses His Hatred of Fame in Letter Up for Auction

Can the Right Tools Help You Write Better?

Is There a Place for the Slow Writer in the Digital Age?

Every Writer Needs a Tribe (Have You Found Yours?)

No Wasted Ink Writer’s Links

writers-linksMy weekly surfing has yielded a nice bevy of articles for this Monday. Subjects range from marketing, to editing, and publishing. Plus a few “just for fun” reads. Let me know how you like them!

On Book Tours And Lighting Your Hair On Fire

Fiction Author Platforms: Why You Need One and How to Build One

How I Got My First National Magazine Article Gig: Step-By-Step

The Sentence Thief

Finding Your Perfect Editor and Editing Level

Identity and the Writer

What It’s Like To Live At A Bookstore In Paris

Popular Hashtags and How to Use Them Effectively

Do You Worry About Your Writing? How To Stop And Fall Back In Love With It

Are You Publishable or Not? Reading the Tea Leaves

No Wasted Ink Writer’s Links

writers-linksWelcome back to another Monday of Writer’s Links. This time I was more focused on marketing your finished work. There are many new formats to explore when it comes to selling your book. Enjoy!

First Novels: Under The Gavel Of A Book Auction

The Future of Books Looks a Lot Like Netflix

Top 3 Reasons Why Fiction Manuscripts Get Rejected

Scrivener Cheat Sheet: Start Using Scrivener Now

When Writing is a Workout

Agnes Repplier – Word Choice and Placement – AKA Writing

Audiobook Clinic: How to be efficient as a narrator

Psychology and Storycraft: Does Your Character Have a Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

10 common grammar mistakes even great writers make

Everything starts with the pen