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Writing Space: Captain’s Cubby

Home Office - Captain's Cubby

This masculine writing space is from “A Fortress of One’s Own”, This Old House Magazine, issue May 2001

For a change of pace, I wanted to showcase a home office that might appeal to the male writers in our midst. This space has the cool colors that one might find on-board a ship with the bluish grey tones and natural woods. The desk is small and full of clutter, much as most home offices become in their regular state of use. What appealed to me the most was the insertion of a massive shelf unit that serves to turn this desk space into a private cubby. Not only is the author’s research materials close at hand, but the unit provides a measure of protection from distractions. It is the perfect place for the “captain” to plot a novel and sail full steam ahead into his next adventure.

Writing Spaces: English Cottage Style

English Cottage Style

A writer of steampunk novels, I am naturally drawn to writing spaces that evoke the feeling of the 19th century. Here, this English cottage styled office picks up that century’s stamp with the nature-inspired wallpaper, the antique clock, spindle-back chair, and distressed pine chest are juxtaposed with a mid-century brushed-steel desk. The greys, ecru and red highlights make the room shine and the weathered finishes pull the look together and are what makes this writing space work.

Writing Spaces: Kitchen Home Office

Kitchen Home Office

This writing space is from “Desk Set” of This Old House Magazine, issue April 2006

When you are tending to children, there is nothing like a writing space off the kitchen. It is at the center of the house where everything is happening. That makes the kitchen a great place to center your small TV, the laptop and having a handy charging station for your cel phone. It is a place where you can monitor your children’s homework while you make sure the recipes are getting done. Once the kids are tucked into bed, it is also a nice place to find some quiet time to work on your latest novel.

I love the built-in nature of this desk and cabinet system. Everything is in one place where you need it. About the only thing that I don’t like is the tall chair. It doesn’t look comfortable and is the wrong height for writing. Otherwise, I feel that there is much to inspire us when creating our own writing spaces.

Writing Spaces: Art Deco Style Home Office

Art Deco Style Home Office

The writing space was taken from This Old House Magazine, the Desk Set, April 2006

There is much to love about this open and cheerful writing space. The golden walls contrast the white built-in shelving and desk to create a cozy, yet open feel. There is plenty of room for your books, art and a couple of friends. The art deco style windows bring in lots of light in a stylish manner that sets the mood for the room. The old-fashioned Persian rug softens the hardwood flooring. About the only thing that I don’t like about the room are the chairs. I’d prefer a comfortable leather roller chair to work in. All in all, there is plenty of inspiration to this home office.

Writing Spaces: Mountain Cabin Home Office

Mountain Cabin Home Office

Image is from This Old House Magazine, Desk Set, April 2006.

Having a view to inspire you as a writer is one of the more sought after aspects of a home office. This cozy writing space is in the middle of a Portland forest. The office is sparse with a pine desk and alder floors just waiting to hold your laptop or tablet as you create your masterpiece. The large casement window draws you to the forest outside while the rich red walls and wooden built-in shelves surround you like a warm blanket. It is the perfect place to relax and let your words flow.