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Writing Spaces: Turquoise Closet Office

Turquoise Closet Office

Turning a full closet into a small office space is a common enough practice in many homes. This example from Country Living allows a writer to find a pocket niche to spread out their work and set up shop. I love the color scheme of this one. Note that the rear wall has wall paper to brighten up the rear of the closet. A small tin chandelier hangs from the ceiling to add a touch of elegance. The two doors are used for storage. A pegboard is mounted on one side and a corkboard on the other. The desk is a laminated board set on two rolling file cabinets. It goes to show that the use of a color wheel and a sense of style can go a long way in creating a unique office space.

Writing Space: Beige Cottage Home Office

Beige Cottage Home Office

There is something about a the simple clean lines of a white and beige office that calls to me. I love the way this small writing space is tucked into a corner as part of a living space, yet it take advantage of the natural light in the room. The ship model and touch of colors from the roses is a nice touch as well. I would be comfortable writing here via a laptop or my Alphasmart Neo. The designer of this space is Kristy Kay.

Writing Space: British Bungalow Office

British Bungalow Home Office

I have a thing for glass desks. In fact, I currently write on one myself. This desk is all modern lines with chrome. It melts into the burgundy walls, the white ceramic turtle shells and the striped black and white curtains. What makes this bungalow home office is the wingback chair with the colorful print of the union jack that picks up the hue of the walls and the accent pieces on the desk. It is the sort of chair you could lean back in and read a good book when you are not writing one of your novels. This home office inspiration is from Wayfair.

Writing Space: Jersey City Office

Jersy City Home Office

This retro inspired home office appeals to me on several levels. I love the metal desk, which reminds me of the school desks I used to use at university, with the bright red accents. The cowhide on the floor and the ceramic head on the wall gives the office a rustic air. The shelves are lined with books, which is comforting for any bibliophile and writer. This is another Wayfair offering, filled with items that you could find inexpensively to form your creative space.

Writing Space: Steampunk Gear Office

steampunk gear home office

Steampunk is a growing trend in science fiction and this office picks up elements of this genre without overwhelming your home. The funky gears, the tin sideboard and the neutral colors all play up the punk. This inspirational home office is from the folks at Wayfair.