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Writing Space: Modern Chrome Home Office

Modern Chrome Home Office

There is something that calls to me when it comes to iron work and leather. I love the combination. My current desk is iron, glass tops and softened with espresso wood and a leather chair. This office reminds me a bit of my own with its modern elements, punched with accents of chrome from the lamp and knickknacks. I also like that it has a second desk area set up off to the side. If you have a child that needs to do homework or is being homeschooled, this would be an ideal set up for you as the parent and teacher to supervise their work. The ottoman in front of the main desk is great for either a seat for a client or guest or to be used to spread out index cards or notebooks on.

Writing Space: Beige Cottage Home Office

Beige Cottage Home Office

There is something about a the simple clean lines of a white and beige office that calls to me. I love the way this small writing space is tucked into a corner as part of a living space, yet it take advantage of the natural light in the room. The ship model and touch of colors from the roses is a nice touch as well. I would be comfortable writing here via a laptop or my Alphasmart Neo. The designer of this space is Kristy Kay.

Writing Space: Mom’s Corner Nook

Mom's Corner Nook

Often times, when I am showcasing writing spaces, I pick out fancy ones that we as authors might “like” had we the budget or inclination to design such spaces. This writing space, one that you might find the typical home is usually more what we end up with. I like the neutral walls, the sparse valance on the window and the neat row of books. The equipment is what you might find in a standard home office. It is out in the open where Mom might be able to keep half an eye on the children while she works on the Great American Novel.

Writing Space: Industrial Home Office

Industrial Home Office

I love the mix of organic plants and terracotta walls along with heavy duty industrial elements in this office. That desk would be an inspiration for a steampunk author or someone writing historical fiction centered in the industrial age. What do you think? Would you enjoy working in an office like this?

Writing Space: Victorian Elements Home Office

Victorian Elements Home Office

Victorian themed decor is one of my favorites, perhaps because I have such a love for steampunk in my writing. This home office is modern and would not look out of place in any home, but the designer choose decor elements that brought in the victorian theme such as the iron key on the wall, the patterned carpet and the white wainscoting that soften the blue walls. I love the homemade blackboard set in a shabby chic white frame and all the chrome accent pieces.