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Writing Space: Library and Reading Room

Library and Reading Room

Today’s writing space inspirational photo is a bit of a departure from my usual offerings. This is a small, home library complete with ladders to reach the upper shelves, a large file cabinet for periodicals and a central place to read and view your books. Finding such a grand space in the home is not an easy task in this day and age, but we can all dream, no? You can view more about this library space here.

Writing Space: Futuristic Writing Room

Writing Space of the Future

Not everyone responses to a traditional home office space, sometimes a place with futuristic elements can bring out the child in us all. What I like about this space is that the main pieces of the office are standard and easy to obtain, bringing down the cost of the overall look. The walls and shelving are white, the desk is a simple out of the box glass tabletop station and all the lamps are standard, although they punctuate the office with bright colors. What draws the eye are the funky, black, futuristic chairs and the stylized animal stool that set the playful tone of this unusual office space. You can see more about this office here.

Writing Space: Natural Wood Loft Office

Natural Wood Loft Office

This writing space caught my eye due to all the natural wood elements. It is an awkward corner near a sunny window that is semi-blocked by a structural pole. Many older houses have spaces such as this that are somewhat difficult to incorporate into the living space of the home. With the addition of a desk, a drafting table and a few comfortable chairs, this awkward space becomes a functional workspace for a writer or artist.

What appeals to me is the theme of natural wood. From the driftwood base junxtaposed with a modern glass table top, the rattan storage baskets in the wooden desk and the matching wooden drafting table tucked off to one side, these pieces complement the white walls and wooden floor. I feel that this would be a comfortable space for any writer to be creative.

Writing Space: British Bungalow Office

British Bungalow Home Office

I have a thing for glass desks. In fact, I currently write on one myself. This desk is all modern lines with chrome. It melts into the burgundy walls, the white ceramic turtle shells and the striped black and white curtains. What makes this bungalow home office is the wingback chair with the colorful print of the union jack that picks up the hue of the walls and the accent pieces on the desk. It is the sort of chair you could lean back in and read a good book when you are not writing one of your novels. This home office inspiration is from Wayfair.

Writing Space: Jersey City Office

Jersy City Home Office

This retro inspired home office appeals to me on several levels. I love the metal desk, which reminds me of the school desks I used to use at university, with the bright red accents. The cowhide on the floor and the ceramic head on the wall gives the office a rustic air. The shelves are lined with books, which is comforting for any bibliophile and writer. This is another Wayfair offering, filled with items that you could find inexpensively to form your creative space.