No Wasted Ink Writer’s Links

Every Monday I look forward to sharing the various writing related links that have caught my eye during the week. From blogging, to marketing, to tips on how to make your writing project sing…it is all here. Enjoy!

eReaders: My Take On Them

How to Finish Writing a Novel

The Importance of Good Marketing

What the Heck is an Em Dash?

Writing Tips

Managing Stage Directions In Your Novel

36 Adjectives Describing Light

Misconceptions About Romance

How to Read a Book Contract – Agency Clause

Where’s Your Line in the Sand?

Think Proofreading Isn’t Important? Think Again…

2 thoughts on “No Wasted Ink Writer’s Links”

  1. I love using the em-dash. And I think it works well for readers. The romance site is interesting too. I don”t know why romance gets a bad rap. I think it has to do with the majority of writers of romance being women. When a man writes romance – Nicholas Sparks for example – it is celebrated with wild abandon. It is a rare novel that can exist without some form of romance involved. Love your links.

  2. I’ve often had the same via about romance writing as you do. Why is it not accorded with more respect? It could be that it is a cultural thing because it is perceived that only women write it, therefore it is not as important. It is time that we lose these stereotypes and give everyone equal respect, whatever fiction they choose to write. I think that is why the article caught my eye and I included it in this week’s list.

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