Serendipity Magazine Article – Symbols in Time

In August of 2011, I received my certification as a gemologist from Santiago Canyon College in Southern California. My course of study took three years and I was trained in the identification of colored stones, diamonds, pearls and antique jewelry. Today marks the debut of my first gemological related magazine article. Please visit Serendipity Magazine today and read Symbols in Time. It is one of many interesting articles about the creation and viewpoints of art.

Art Drawing of Victorian Era CameoSerendipity Magazine
Symbols in Art Vol. I Issue 4
Symbols in Time is on page 85

Symbols in Time is about the symbols that marked antique jewelry from the Victorian period complete with example photos from the private jewelry collection of Roberta Mullings, GG.

2 thoughts on “Serendipity Magazine Article – Symbols in Time”

  1. Congratulations on the article. I’m impressed with your skill as a gemologist. Raw gems look so different from the polished ones we’re used to seeing that I’m not sure I’d be able to identify one if I fell over it.

    1. Thank you Renee! When you identify stones professionally, you have access to additional tools such as microscopes, refractometers, and dichroscopes, among other things. It helps to separate the mundane stones from the exotic. The training I undertook was fascinating and I still keep up with things via our local gemological alumni association. I’m growing to have more respect for antique jewelry. I’m quite grateful that Roberta allowed me to take photos from her private collection for this article.

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