Writing Space: Steampunk Meets Digital Age

One of the habits that I have as a writer is to search for settings that can be an inspiration for possible locations in my novels. I never copy a setting exactly, but I love to use photos to fire up my imagination and give my inner vision a boost. This Manchester, United Kingdom firm certainly goes a long way toward being inspirational. Ubiquitous Manufacturing Company has a unique office suite. This creative agency for premium brands decided to go the extra distance of designing a studio that showcases the United Kingdom’s industrial past and current digital age, a reflection of their company’s mission statement.

Steampunk Digital Office Space

The organic diagonal wood paneling and concrete  floors combined with the industrial lighting, hints at the Victorian industrial age. The colors are muted and natural, speaking of iron tools of a time when it was communally combined with wood. The old tech appearing lighting could have been from Thomas Edison’s laboratory. This is juxtapositioned with the modern computers and ergonomic furniture for their employees.  The line up of desks reminds one of the old factory assembly lines, but without the discomfort.  The decor looks smart and speaks of a time when your word was your bond and hard work was the expected norm.

Steampunk Inspired Study

Here, the leather and stud furniture set on a pedestal and accompanied by an old-fashioned antique clock makes a steampunk inspired lounge. The big screen monitor on the wall with the digital fireplace again allows the merging of the old and the new in an exciting way.

2 thoughts on “Writing Space: Steampunk Meets Digital Age”

    1. I would love to work in a space like this. I have plenty of craftsman mission furniture in my home already and would quite at home here. 🙂 Must be why I love to write steampunk. I dig the victorian look.

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