Writing Space: Thrift Store Find Home Office

Thrift Store Find Home Office

You don’t always need to buy a new desk when designing your writing space. This desk looks like one you might find at a yard sale, somewhat beat up, and of a style that was fashionable thirty years ago. Yet, paired up with a comfortable, but interesting chair and plenty of personal items to make the space your own, it serves as a functional and beautiful statement piece to work your office around. Don’t turn up your nose at thrift store finds, something you can find a diamond tucked away among the clutter.

Many thanks to Ray Down’s Tumblr Feed.

3 thoughts on “Writing Space: Thrift Store Find Home Office”

  1. Nice find. I happened to get a slightly banged up, but sleekly modern desk for $100 from world market once. Sometimes all a bit of furniture needs is a new coat of paint to be good as new!

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