No Wasted Ink Writer’s Links

writers-linksI always look forward to Mondays because it gives me a chance to share with the readers of No Wasted Ink the articles that have tickled my fancy the past week. The links this week include a wonderful tutorial on incorporating weather and a timeline in Scrivener to two articles on etiquette while using Goodreads. I hope you enjoy them!

YouTube Video: Editing Weather & Time Using Scrivener

Were you meant to be a writer?

The GoodReads Bullying Drama

Ten Tips For Good Goodreads Author Behaviour

Epics, part 2

Using Plot to Reveal Character Transformation

British and American English

The Internet, Respect and a Fair Go for All Writers.

Essential Contracts for The Modern Writer

Handling Cliffhanger Endings With Multiple POVs

2 thoughts on “No Wasted Ink Writer’s Links”

  1. Sometimes it takes me a couple of days to click on and read all of your links, but there is always something that speaks to me. And according to your second link, I am meant to be a writer.

    1. LOL I think that there is little doubt that you are a writer, Renee! I always enjoy reading your blog. 🙂 I’m glad you like the links. I am often surprised at how popular this series of posts has proven to be.

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