No Wasted Ink Writer’s Links

writers-linksI have been reading articles in new areas lately and found a nice crop of general writing articles that I thought were worth sharing here on No Wasted Ink. I hope you enjoy them!

How To Sell More Books: Write More Books

Writing – Credentials

4 Questions To Consider When Deciding Whether To Traditionally Publish Or Self-Publish

Tips To Beat Writer’s Block and Complete Your First Draft

Three dimensional characters

The New World of Publishing: A New Slush Pile

How To Add Drop Caps To Your ePub Content

10 Reasons Your Non-Writer Friends and Family Think You’re Crazy

Formatting poetry for EPUB and Kindle

Raising squids in the fountain – a character theory

2 thoughts on “No Wasted Ink Writer’s Links”

  1. I noticed you have a new picture on the site. Nice!
    I need to read the post on reasons non-writers think we’re crazy. It might be insightful as I’m the only writer in the family.

    1. No, it is my same photo, it is just a slightly larger version of it via I still like it as my “headshot” and use it everywhere. A snapshot of a lovely day on vacation with my husband. All writers are “crazy”, myself included. I think that all creative people are viewed this way. Our thinking process and goals are not always what other people strive for. There are not many creative types in my family either, but at least I’m not totally alone. 🙂 I’m the only writer as far as I know, however. The others paint.

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