Writing Space: Sophisticated Home Office

Sophisticated Home Office

I love the clean lines of this modern office. From the white drawers to the bead board/slat walls, all the lines create a feeling of vertical space. Being a desktop writer myself, I like how this office creates a designated space for the tower that is easy to reach from the chair. The simple curtains and the humble artwork helps to make the focus of the room on what you create rather than what fills the space. Notice that spare artwork is stored among the cabinets. I have artwork like that scattered about my office in a similar manner. Either pieces that I’ve painted and plan to sell to others or ones that I’ve kept for myself and haven’t quite figured out where they will be displayed.

6 thoughts on “Writing Space: Sophisticated Home Office”

    1. You are welcome to show a portion of my post and then link back to my original on your myspace group. It is known as “reblogging”. I simply wish to have the credit for my own words. I’m glad you enjoy the blog. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

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