Writing Space: Mandy Eve-Barnett

Writers come from all corners of the world, including our neighbors up north in Canada. I’d like to welcome Mandy Eve-Barnett here to No Wasted Ink as she shares with us a few details about herself as a writer and about her writing space.

Mandy Eve Barnett - WriterI began writing quite late in life but I am doing my utmost to make up for lost time. When my family and I moved to Canada from England I promised myself a creative outlet. My painting, pottery and sculpture had been non-existent for many years but now my children were older, I had value ‘me’ time. During a visit to our local library I eagerly picked out leaflets for acrylic painting and pottery classes, and a writing group. As chance would have it the writing group met the following Tuesday evening, so with some trepidation I walked into the meeting room to find friendly welcoming faces. These same faces are now, 3 years and 43 weeks later, are firm, supportive friends and I am currently the secretary of The Writers Foundation of Strathcona County. My life has changed dramatically in the five years I have lived in Canada and for the better in many ways but my writing is by far the best thing to come into my life. Once I began writing it was as if the flood gates opened, literally. At the moment I have two novels, Life in Slake Patch, which is speculative fiction and The Twesome Loop, a reincarnation romance both in the submitting process. A fantasy novella e-book, The Rython Kingdom on Amazon and Smashwords , and a children’s print book, Rumble’s First Scare through Dream Write Publishing Ltd. As for genre I do not limit myself to one but explore as many as my muse will allow. I take advantage of any ‘free’ time to write and have been known to frantically type on my laptop at soccer practice and gymnastics classes.

Mandy - OfficeI upgraded my writing space last June from the dining room table to a proper desk set up at one end of our living room. With bookshelves, printer, filing drawers and inspirational pictures on the wall. It is my favorite place in the house, with views left and right of our acreage and the wildlife that lives in it. In an ideal world I would have a separate room away from the constant noise of the TV but step by step, I hope to have my own study some day. My old laptop had been a faithful friend but just before Christmas it died and I invested in a new one with Windows 8. It has taken some time to get used to the new format but now I am going full blast.

Mandy - Writing ToolMandy Eve-Barnett

5 thoughts on “Writing Space: Mandy Eve-Barnett”

  1. Mandy:
    I bow down. My wonderful husband gifted me a Windows 8 computer just this week…and I’ve been going stark-raving mad since. Windows XP, I get. iOS, I get. 8, not so much…but you’ve given me hope. Best wishes for all your writing endeavors!

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