Writing Space: Author’s Writing Nook

Writing Nook

Most writers can not afford a full room to be their office and tend to grab space where they can in the home. This humble writing nook is a good example of the spaces that we write in, although it certainly is much neater than I would ever be! There is shelving for reference books above and just enough space to tuck in a laptop or iPad on the narrow desk. Central to the home, it is a place where a parent can keep an eye on the children or be within their reach, whether we wish it or not! This is another office inspiration for the readers and writers of No Wasted Ink.

2 thoughts on “Writing Space: Author’s Writing Nook”

  1. I’ve learned to write anywhere. My writing nook usually gets buried by all the reference books I use and so now, I just write anywhere that’s not filled with books 🙂

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