Writing Space: Contemporary Home Office

Contemporary Home Office

When I stumbled upon this contemporary home office, several aspects of it drew me. I like that the simple desk faces the room, giving visual appeal to the writer. There is a seating area with chairs for guests and a comfy sofa to recline on while doing research or reading near the window. One thing that I feel is important to writers is to be able to invite people into your space from time to time so that writing does not become such a solitary activity at all times. Finally, I love the credenza with shelves to hold research materials. The space reminds me a great deal of my own home office, although with a different color pallet and grander furniture.

2 thoughts on “Writing Space: Contemporary Home Office”

  1. Great for someone who is far more organized than I am. I’m sorry to say that my habits render me unworthy of such a space. Maybe if the desk had a railing around three sides to prevent stuff from getting knocked off…

    1. This one is larger than my own space. I have a full room as well, but it is a small one. I like the layout in this example. I’m sure it will spark ideas for many writers out there.

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