No Wasted Ink Writer’s Links

writers-linksSometimes you are surfing the internet and have one thing on your mind. In my case, I was thinking about the publishing process and how readers are finding and reading their novels today. The fruit of my labor is below. I hope you find it as informative as I did.

10 Counterintuitive Tips for Self-Publishers

Blog Tours: Lessons Learned

Cory Doctorow: Libraries and E-books

How Much Do Fantasy Authors Earn?

Beginner’s guide to using iPhone as e-reader

Why I Like The Term: “Author-Publisher”

Why I’m Risking My New Book by Self-Publishing Even Though I’m a Bestselling Author

How To Increase the Discoverability of Your Self-Published Books

Netflix for Ebooks or Spotify for Ebooks? Spot the Difference!

Rejection 101: What Authors Should NEVER Do When They Get Rejections

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