Writing Space: Treehouse Inspired Home Office

Treehouse Inspired Home Office

Baby, it is cold outside, I think that is why this home office appeals to me so much this December. The clean white furniture is paired with the soft greens of springtime, the tapestry of a songbird is cheerful on the wall. It is a place that speaks of warmth and new life, just the place where a writer can gain inspiration.

8 thoughts on “Writing Space: Treehouse Inspired Home Office”

    1. So is mine. I usually clean it up and reorganize things once a year the last week of December. Gives me a fresh start for the new year. Mine doesn’t look nearly as nice as this inspirational office. We can but dream though, eh? 🙂

      1. Oh dream indeed. I would love to have my own dedicated home office, not one that doubles as the TV room, family room and jungle gym. Maybe when my wife wins the lottery we will get a much larger house.

      2. It can happen. Mine is a dedicated room at the back of the house and serves as a combo jeweler’s studio and writing office. Took me years to get here, but its been well worth it.

  1. If either my home office or my work office looked that clean and neat, I’d never get anything done. I’d be too afraid of making a mess to touch anything. 🙂

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