No Wasted Ink Writer’s Links

writers-linksAs we wind down the year, I hope you will find the following group of links to be of benefit to you. The YouTube video on outlining is a little long, but I found it a great way to view the process a author would use in setting up scrivener for writing and highly recommend it for that reason. The rest are general writing articles of my usual variety. Enjoy!

YouTube: Outlining With Scrivener!

Things I Learned While Writing Something That Resembles A Memoir

The Others and the Extras: The Importance of Secondary Characters

A Manual Progress Bar in Scrivener

Scrivener Tutorial: The Outliner and Meta-Data

Creative Writing and Consistency: Embrace a Style that Breaks the “Rules”

A History of the Epistolary Novel

How Authors Can Effectively Use Goodreads

My position on the call to be a Christian Author

The Hero’s Journey in Fiction Writing

3 thoughts on “No Wasted Ink Writer’s Links”

  1. Reading this post prompted my trial test of Scrivener. I am attempting to collect all of my Word files into one place and organize them – something that when I started writing as a tool for my PTSD I had not considered. Now I am cursed with going back over my earliest writing, and editing out the errors I notice, and trying to smooth the transitions between chapters.

    1. You won’t regret getting started with Scrivener. It is a bit of a learning curve, but once you become comfortable within the program, you’ll see how much it will aid you in your writing. Have fun with your early writing, but don’t beat yourself up about it. We all grow as artists and writers, improving all the time.

      1. I still cringe at some of my early sentence structure but am mainly concentrating on keeping character voice consistent, and fixing the blatant errors that my astute readers pointed out. So far I am liking Scrivener, and for the price it seems to offer some real benefits.

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