Writing Space: Edgehill Terrace

Edgehill Terrace Office

There are several fun aspects to this green and brown hued office. The pop of color on one wall, contrasted by the dark brown woods of the desk and shelving. The neutral chairs that promise soothing comfort. The natural sunlight coming in through the windows behind the desk where it provides ambiance, but doesn’t get in the author’s eyes. The entire ensemble would be simple to put together at a reasonable price, as long as one had the space in their home. I hope you gain ideas for your own writing space based on this photo from Wayfair.

4 thoughts on “Writing Space: Edgehill Terrace”

  1. I envy authors who possess such nice writing space. I would never post pictures of the disaster area I call my office. I have a horrid case of bench creep going with things often found on the floor or underneath the bench.

    Such a neat and orderly work station would not last long in this household, as it would soon be cluttered with various projects.

    My problem is my office is the only space that I have to do all of my hobbies as well as homework and the occasional editing job.

    One of the reasons I like to hang out at Starbuck’s (besides the sticky sweet, over-priced coffee) is the fact that I usually have room to spread out my laptop.

    I also enjoy the local library which has recently installed PC work station nooks where the harried editor and student may plug their lap top in and work in relative peace. No coffee though – bummer.

  2. Of course, the space never looks this good, but the point is well made: figure out what works for you and go with it. You may have to spend some money, but you’ll never be as comfortable and productive in a space you don’t enjoy being in. My office walls are painted in the striped colors of my favorite NFL team. I enjoy being here….

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