Writing Space: Steampunk Gear Office

steampunk gear home office

Steampunk is a growing trend in science fiction and this office picks up elements of this genre without overwhelming your home. The funky gears, the tin sideboard and the neutral colors all play up the punk. This inspirational home office is from the folks at Wayfair.

2 thoughts on “Writing Space: Steampunk Gear Office”

  1. I was looking at entertainment centers and I ran across one themed, ‘steampunk’. It had rounded sides and the face of a pocket watch across its front. The doors opened straight down from 12 to 6, impossible to see for the hands on the clock. It was nice to see this genre influencing home décor!

    1. It has been entering the mainstream more in the past year or two. Influencing clothing lines and furniture. I hope this doesn’t mean that the punk will disappear in a few years because of this. We will have to wait and see.

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