No Wasted Ink Writer’s Links

writers-linksI always look forward to Mondays because this is the day that I am able to share with you all the best of the sites I’ve been surfing during the week. This week has a real grab bag from a tutorial about wattpad, to a funky look at diaries found in the garage, to helpful habits for writers.

The Digital Revolution: Subscribing to Change

where i visit the library in my garage

Digital revision – the Holy Grail gets closer

How To Use Wattpad As An Author

Backmatter: Are You Making the Most of Your Digital Shelf Space?

The Writer’s Notebook

Exorcise these filler words from your writing and then don’t use them again, ever

Marketing Like Your Favorite Authors

What’s Different About Running a Magazine Today (Versus 5 Years Ago)?

How to choose an e-book cover

5 thoughts on “No Wasted Ink Writer’s Links”

    1. I’m in revision of book I of my trilogy right now, so this article was a real help to me. Every writer should keep a personal list of these sort of words to watch for. I’m glad you liked the article. 🙂

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