Writing Space: British Bungalow Office

British Bungalow Home Office

I have a thing for glass desks. In fact, I currently write on one myself. This desk is all modern lines with chrome. It melts into the burgundy walls, the white ceramic turtle shells and the striped black and white curtains. What makes this bungalow home office is the wingback chair with the colorful print of the union jack that picks up the hue of the walls and the accent pieces on the desk. It is the sort of chair you could lean back in and read a good book when you are not writing one of your novels. This home office inspiration is from Wayfair.

4 thoughts on “Writing Space: British Bungalow Office”

    1. The chair is glorious. Just the place to relax and read a good novel. I have to wonder if I would be able to write in it, as much as I would love to own it. It is more a chair to have your cuppa tea in. 🙂

  1. I love the dark walls and black and white accents. I’m not sure I’d have the courage to paint mine like that though. A friend painted her kitchen this color and it is wonderful!

    1. I love this color scheme, but I could not have it in my studio since my room is half a writing space and half a jeweler’s bench and work area. The color of the walls would interfere with color selection for my jewelry. I have white walls and natural bulbs in my lights for this reason. The bungalow is certainly rich in primary colors. It would work great in a bedroom…and I like the idea of doing it in a kitchen with either black, red or white appliances. 🙂

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