Writing Space: Victorian Elements Home Office

Victorian Elements Home Office

Victorian themed decor is one of my favorites, perhaps because I have such a love for steampunk in my writing. This home office is modern and would not look out of place in any home, but the designer choose decor elements that brought in the victorian theme such as the iron key on the wall, the patterned carpet and the white wainscoting that soften the blue walls. I love the homemade blackboard set in a shabby chic white frame and all the chrome accent pieces.

4 thoughts on “Writing Space: Victorian Elements Home Office”

    1. I love that giant key on the wall and the soothing blue. Sometimes I think about painting my studio something other than white. The trouble is, I also have my jeweler’s bench in here. I need the walls to bounce light without a shift in color so I can see my jewelry accurately. So for now, dull white walls. 🙂

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