Writing Spaces: Kitchen Writing Station

Kitchen Office Station

This home office inspriation image comes from “Desk Job,” This Old House magazine, December 2001.

This is not a fancy office with beautiful furniture and lovely windows to look out of. It is a compact desk in the middle of the kitchen. It is a place where you could pick out recipes from your favorite cooking program or work on a novel while overseeing what your family is doing. Some of us write better when we are surrounded by activity, be it at the local coffeehouse or surrounded by those we love. Is this an office set up that would work for you as a writer? Let me know in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Writing Spaces: Kitchen Writing Station”

  1. I would like a desk, any desk at this point. Right now, I have a makeshift set up on the kitchen table, that I have to clear off for dinner! I think I’m more of a need-quiet-so-I-can think space, so I don’t know if this would work, but the desk? Yes, I love that!

    1. Having a place in your home dedicated to your work helps to clear your mind. I now have a full room for my writing and jewelry design work, but when I first started, all I had was a small corner in my bedroom. I worked there for many years before I had my current set up. I have worked in my kitchen too, but I find sometimes it does get a little noisy there.

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