Writing Spaces: Kitchen Home Office

Kitchen Home Office

This writing space is from “Desk Set” of This Old House Magazine, issue April 2006

When you are tending to children, there is nothing like a writing space off the kitchen. It is at the center of the house where everything is happening. That makes the kitchen a great place to center your small TV, the laptop and having a handy charging station for your cel phone. It is a place where you can monitor your children’s homework while you make sure the recipes are getting done. Once the kids are tucked into bed, it is also a nice place to find some quiet time to work on your latest novel.

I love the built-in nature of this desk and cabinet system. Everything is in one place where you need it. About the only thing that I don’t like is the tall chair. It doesn’t look comfortable and is the wrong height for writing. Otherwise, I feel that there is much to inspire us when creating our own writing spaces.

4 thoughts on “Writing Spaces: Kitchen Home Office”

  1. It seems to me if the point of having a kitchen writing space is so that you can write but also perform duties of lady of the house and mother, you might want something that faces out rather than to the wall. If nothing else, it seems like you are cut off from anyone who might want to bother you which perhaps is desirable to lessen interruptions, but if you’re monitoring kids’ homework, the feeling you’re not actually watching would not be conducive, I feel. Of course that would depend also, heavily, on the nature of your children.
    I agree the chair seems a poor match – there’s like no leg room with its height.

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