No Wasted Ink Writer’s Links

writers-linksWelcome to another Monday of Writer’s Links! This week I have a general grab bag of articles for you. Articles about publishing as an indie, how to blog better posts and even an odd one about sci-fi obsession with sexy female robots which is more a comment about how we view women in fiction and the changes that are going on in that perception. Finally, a few more about handwriting, because that is my personal obsession! I hope you enjoy them.

The Self-Publishing Sky is Not Falling

Revisiting the Long Tail Theory as Applied to Ebooks

7 Creative Proofreading Tips To Transform Your Jaggedy Draft into a Polished Post

Dialogue Attributions by James Scott Bell

Ex Machina and sci-fi’s obsession with sexy female robots

How To Cut The Time It Takes To Write A Blog Post In Half

Researching for Authenticity in Historical Fiction

Character Creation by Metaphor

Indexing My Journals

How And Why To Keep A “Commonplace Book”

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