No Wasted Ink Writer’s Links

writers-linksI’ve had editing on my mind this week as I’ve been surfing the net. My selections this week reflect this ideology. There are lots of great ideas to draw from to help you gain a better perspective on what to do when your rough draft is completed. Enjoy!

How To Create A Magic Machine That Writes Your Stories For You

Editors and Authors Working Togetherby Pavarti K. Tyler and Crystal WatanabeTrack Changes

How to have a positive proofreading experience

Where to go When Your Self-Editing Can’t Get You There

The Basics of a Bad Novel : Characters

4 Excuses Authors Use For Not Editing Their Books

Rounding out Baby Wedge Week: All The Brother EP Series

How to Edit Fiction: Watch Me Correct My Own Story in Real Time

How to Get Your Indie Book Translated and Reach the Growing “Globile” Market

Building A Fantasy Army: Leaders

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