No Wasted Ink Writer’s Links

writers-linksToday is the finish line for all you fellow Nanowrimo participants. I hope you have reached your 50K word goal and can get your manuscript verified for the win by midnight.

If you have time for only one article, look at the review of Mike Rohde’s “Sketchnotes”. I’m a zentangle sketch artist, as you might have guessed from my scifaiku illustrations on the blog, Mike’s concept of sketchnotes ties in neatly with the doodles I use in my art journals.

Why An Author Should Try Pinterest

So You Want to Write a Book

15 Outstanding Tips for Blog Writers from Popular Bloggers

Positive Thinking for Writers

Writing Steampunk: Plots, Characters, Settings & More

14 Types of Creative Writing

PODCAST: Use Sketchnotes to Deliberately Capture Meaningful Ideas: Interview with Mike Rohde

How to Make Your Hero’s Self-Sacrifice Even More Heartbreaking

How Your Hero’s Past Pain Will Determine His Character Flaws

Writing And Editing Fiction: 7 Things To Fix In Your First Self-Edit

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