No Wasted Ink Writer’s Links

writers-linksAs we enter the holiday season, I wish you and your family fun, frivolity and joy. If you have a spare moment, I have a list of ten articles that might tickle your fancy. Most are general writing articles, but there are a few odd ones that I hope you’ll appreciate too. The fly over of old London and the article about an selectric typewriter are personal favorites.


The Off-Road Vehicle Mind vs. the Paved Story Plan

10 Blog Writing Tips for Authors

Prize-Winning Animation Lets You Fly Through 17th Century London

Hope and the Artist

Five Ways to Discover Your Unique Voice

Why Are Old Women Often The Face Of Evil In Fairy Tales And Folklore?

4 Delightful Editing Tips to Make Your Words Dazzle and Dance

Kyle’s IBM Selectric Composer – an Heroic tale of desire fulfilled!

Catherine Ryan Hyde on Rejection: Does Your Rejected Work Need a Rewrite?

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