No Wasted Ink Writer’s Links

writers-linksWelcome back to another Monday of Writer’s Links.  As usual, there are plenty of general writing articles to read, but I also made a point to find ones concerning science fiction and fantasy writing.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Killing the Top Ten Sacred Cows of Indie Publishing: #1… Can’t Get Indie Books into Bookstores

10 Common Mistakes I See in Epic Fantasy Writing

The Drafts Your Novel Needs (and Why You Probably Won’t Use a Single Word of Your First Draft!)

Nietzsche’s Ten Rules for Writers

Media Kits for Writers: A Beginner’s Guide

Realistic Astronomy in Science Fiction


How to Write Scenes Your Readers Will Rave About

Amazing Cake Illustration Process From Up-and-Coming Children’s Book Writer/Illustrator Akiko White

How Strong is Your Dialogue? How to Fix Common Dialogue Problems

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