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writers-linksAs you may guess from the articles that I write for No Wasted Ink, I am heavy into paper bound journaling.  I bullet journal, keep a daily journal, and use composition books to brainstorm stories and outline novels in via handwriting.  While there are general writing articles on the list as always, this week I wanted to focus more on what others are doing with their journals.

Planning for Pansters: Writing a Novel without an Outline

Holograms in Science Fiction Writing

Dream Journaling – An Interview with Nathan Ohren

Top 4 Editing Tricks for Creating a Seamless Narrative

Are Conventions Worth It?

Finding Time to Write

Poetry: A Natural Lifesaver

Keeping a Journal Makes You a Better Writer

What Actually Works: How to “Make It” as a Writer

How to Use a Plot Planner

7 thoughts on “No Wasted Ink Writer’s Links”

    1. Thanks Lynette. It is good to be appreciated. Sometimes the work I do on the blog does take away from my own writing time, but it is a labor of love for me and I keep chugging along. 🙂

  1. I have a thing for paper journals too, especially those beautifully bound in leather, quilted fronts, or sueded material. There’s something special about writing by hand with ink on paper.

    1. I’ve gotten into bullet journaling the past two or three years, but this year is the first time I’ve invested in a leather bound journal combining my love of sketching with calligraphy and stenciling. I love the feel of pen and paper. 🙂

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