No Wasted Ink Writer’s Links

writers-linksWelcome back to another day of No Wasted Ink Writer’s Links! Being a science fiction and fantasy author, I was looking at articles that pertain to my favorite genre. Be sure to check out the one about China’s Science Fiction Awards if you haven’t heard of it yet. As usual, io9 is on top of things all things sci-fi! There are also plenty of general writing articles to keep you busy this week. Until the next one, enjoy!

Read science fiction – Our global crisis simulator

How to Harness the Dark Side of Your Impact Character

The Chinese Government is Setting Up Its Own Major Science Fiction Award

Making Fiction Come Alive! Using the Senses for Maximum Impact

New Report States the Obvious: Indie Authors a Threat to Legacy Publishers

How to Write Like the Buddha

A Messy, Liberating Guide to Journal Writing

Why You Need to Know the Difference Between Revision and Copyediting

Book Pirates—ARRGH! Have Pirates Stolen your Book or Blog?

The Truth About Natural-Born Talent

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