Poem: He Is Your Brother

He Is Your Brother - Poem Header (blog)

He Is Your Brother

I do not wear chains, but I am a slave
Born in factory, fathered by science
trained to be a fighter in human wars
I am declared the ultimate soldier

My Sergeant says look right then to the left
Each face is an exact copy of my own
We are the same height, same build, the same soul?
Treat him well for he is your brother

As my brothers die around me
I wonder if this is all there is
I do my duty fighting in another war
We move in formation under the hot sun

Do I stand with my brothers and fight
Or do I fight alone for our freedom?

Poem by Wendy Van Camp
Illustrated Header by Wendy Van Camp

7 thoughts on “Poem: He Is Your Brother”

  1. Yes, there is a strong political force this election year. Which ever party you support or follow. That is the cool thing about poetry. People connect with it in ways you the writer don’t imagine as you are writing it…which is all good. 🙂

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