No Wasted Ink Writers Links


Happy Monday! As Nanowrimo winds down and those last frantic words are added to this year’s project file, I found that my reading interest wandered more into being productive, libraries, and about diversity in our stories.  Enjoy.

Why We Need More Thematically-Pertinent Female Protagonists

Successful People & Habits for Life Changing Results

Writing And Selling Radio Plays And Audio Dramas

Be Productive, Persistent, and Professional

6 Things to Consider Before Writing a Series

Five Famous Writers Who Stood Up To Write

Amy Tan on Writing and the Secrets of Her Past

The Important Emotional Labor of Librarians Most People Never Think About

What’s a Library to Do? On Homelessness and Public Spaces


4 thoughts on “No Wasted Ink Writers Links”

  1. Thank you again for making good information available to your readers. As we really start putting steam into our holiday preparations, it’s good to know there is a place to go for a few moments of relaxation and quiet by reading some of the wonderful insights contained in the subjects you provide. Happy Writing. Pat

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