No Wasted Ink Writers Links


No Wasted Ink proudly showcased articles about the craft of writing for your reading pleasure.  This week I have a nice bundle of them for you.  Most are general writing tips, but a few are genre based.  I hope you enjoy them.

Women Of Color Are Quietly Taking Over Sci-Fi & It’s About Time

Who Decides if a Writer has Talent?

Debunking Myths About Hunting

Learn 5 Ways to Take Risks With Your Writing

What Should I Expect From My First Novel?

Character Building: How Story Forges, Refines, and Defines Characters

Writing Tips: 10 Productivity Secrets From the Author of 1,000 Blog Posts

Characters in Cars Thinking, or, How to Deal with the Passage of Time

How To Deal With Self-Doubt As A Writer

Why You Should Keep Track of Your Story Details

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