No Wasted Ink Writers Links


Welcome to another Monday of writers links!  This week I have a nice assortment of general writing links, a little bit on marketing your work, and an interesting article about AI in publishing.  Enjoy!

Writing Realistic Forests: Tell the Wood from the Trees

Why Publish Your Novel with a Traditional Publisher?

Want to Make Your Scenes Come Alive? Here’s a Cop’s-Eye View

Branding & The Brain: How Social Media Changes but Humans Never Will

How To Keep Writing When That Critical Inner Voice Won’t Shut Up

Where Does Your Novel’s Conflict Come From?

Women Intellectuals and the Art of the Withering Quip

Artificial Intelligence in Publishing

The 7 Habits Of Highly Creative People

Thirty Minutes a Day is All It Takes to Automate Your Social Media Activity, But I Don’t Recommend it

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