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Happy Monday!  It is time for ten links to amazing articles about the craft of writing here on No Wasted Ink.  There is a bit of bias toward science fiction writing in this months links, but since I generally highlight science fiction and fantasy authors and concepts here, I didn’t feel anyone would mind that.  Enjoy!

Build Character Empathy in Your First Few Pages

Why Leia: A Star Wars Story Is the Spin-Off the Galaxy Needs

The Ship of Theseus Problem Reveals A Lot About SciFi

The Effects of Space and Other Worlds on the Human Body

Writing Venomous Creatures

How the Truth Your Character Believes Defines Your Theme

Writing Realistic Antagonists

Advanced Scene Technique: The Jump Cut

Self-Sabotage: How & Why We Writers Are Our Own Worst Enemies

Writing Doesn’t Have To Be Lonely. How To Find A Community

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