No Wasted Ink Writers Links


Welcome back to No Wasted Ink Writers Links.  This week I have featured articles about marketing your books, general writing tips, and a little about poetry that might tickle your fancy.  Enjoy!

“I Was Brought Into this World to be Abandoned” — Mary Shelley Gives Us the Heroine She Was

The Priority Parallax: Everything is Not as Important as It Appears

How to Convey an Established Relationship Quickly

Healthy Writer Tips: Managing Stress, Anxiety And Burnout

Four Pillars Linking Character to Plot

Selling Out: Going Wide or Going Exclusive to Amazon

5 Steps to Ensure Your Novel is a Bestseller in its Genre

How to Perform (Not Just Read) Your Work in Front of Audiences

Literary Devices: Exploring Anaphora Through the Poetry of Walt Whitman

Pen Names

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