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Welcome back to No Wasted Ink!  This Monday I have a nice list of writing links for you to take a look at it.  As usual, there are plenty of links about the craft of writing and about science fiction and fantasy, but there was one about Harlan Ellison that I found rather interesting.  I did not know the full story behind his famous award-winning Star Trek script: “The City on the Edge of Forever”.  Enjoy

Writing and the Permission to Succeed: The Intersection of Art and Shame

3 Famous Writers on Process and Productivity


Science Fiction’s Trouble with Terraforming

Create Believable “Troubled” Characters by Studying Personality Disorders.

A Title by Any Other Name

The Mysteries of Creativity and Meditation

Harlan Ellison wrote Star Trek’s greatest episode. He hated it.

The Invention Process: Ten Strategies for Producing Writing

Is Social Media Changing How We Write?

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