Scifaiku: LasChamp Event

laschamp event (blog)

LasChamp Event
people of ancient dawn
survive thousand year shift
polarity change

A Scifaiku by Wendy Van Camp
Illustrated by Wendy Van Camp

Scifaiku poem inspired by the current trend of the weakening of the magnetic north. Science postulates that the Earth’s poles might flip again, as it has done 41 thousand years ago. This geomagnetic switch of the past is known as the “LasChamp Event”. Our ancestors survived the change, but one wonders at what cost will it come to us?


2 thoughts on “Scifaiku: LasChamp Event”

  1. Life during this event had to be scary for our ancestors. Lovely poem! I didn’t know this poetic form existed. I’m definitely going to try this just for fun!

    1. It lasted for a full generation and then flipped back 41K years ago, but the poles had flipped for longer periods of time. I’m glad you liked the poem. Scifaiku has been around for 40 years or so. I hope you give it a whirl. 🙂

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