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Welcome to another top ten writing article here on No Wasted Ink.  Each week I select my personal favorites from the sources I regularly read and share them here with you. I hope you find them as interesting as I did. Enjoy.

Fantasy World Building 101: How To Create A Breathing World For Your Fantasy Novel

More Writerly Than Thou

A Whole Different Kind of Time Travel: Andre Norton’s Lavender-Green Magic

Which Scrivener Features Do You Really Need?

Representation in Fiction: How to Write Characters Whose Experiences Are Outside of Your Own

World Building: Why Writers Need to be Sneaky When Building Worlds

How to Find Your Thematic Principle

7 Hard Truths of Working as a Professional Writer

Editing for Authors: 7 Ways to Tighten the Story and Cut Costs

Six Common Villain Mistakes, and How to Avoid Them

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