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It is links day!  Every Monday, I bring to you my top ten favorite articles about the craft of writing from my own surfing habits.  This week, I found a couple of interesting items about writing memoir in addition to general writing tips.  I enjoy writing the occasional short story memoir, as you can see in my writing credits. I hope these articles will help to inspire you to tell your own stories.  Finally, I wanted to post something about Hugo Award winner Vonda N. McIntyre who passed away recently. I had the pleasure of meeting her at WorldCon a few years ago and found her an inspiring writer and teacher. She will be missed.

What Is the Relationship Between Plot and Theme?


In Memoriam – Vonda N. McIntyre

The 1973 Hugo Award for Best Editor: Ben Bova

Why Copying Other Successful Authors Won’t Make You Successful

Tips on Writing Believable Conspiracies for Thriller Fiction

Five Activities I Use to Beat Writer’s Block

Plot, Inner Change, Evocative Writing—What Really Rivets Readers?

How To Write A Non-Fiction Book Outline In Two Days

Writing to Heal: The Benefits of a Cathartic Novel

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