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Welcome to another day of top ten links here on No Wasted Ink.  I have the usual grab bag of general writing tips for you to enjoy, but also a memorial for Award-winning science fiction author Gene Wolfe who passed away recently.  Mr. Wolfe is one of those authors who helped to define the shape of the science fiction genre. If you haven’t read of his works, I recommend you check him out. Be prepared for detailed worlds beyond your imagination.

In Memoriam – Gene Wolfe

Tomorrow Isn’t Always Another Day: Remembering Howard Fast’s The Edge of Tomorrow


How to Use Your Outline When Writing Your First Draft

Five Reasons To Write Short

Five Characters With Strong Arcs

8 Ways to Inject Humor into Your Writing

Look After Yourself: Self Care For Writers

How a Ticking Clock Reveals Character and Propels Your Plot

Unique Traits that Define Every Astonishing Writer

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