No Wasted Ink Writers Links

Happy Monday!  Welcome back to more top-ten articles on the craft of writing and writer-related topics.  I hope you are having a productive spring with your writing.  I know that I’ve been finding my groove, but with the coming of summer the hot temperatures I have a feeling that it may not last. I look forward to cold drinks and hot BBQ as the days lengthen and go by.  Enjoy the articles!

Creativity vs. Distraction: 13 Tips for Writers in the Age of the Internet

Brother EP-22 (versus Brother EP-20)

One Track Mind for Writing Tools and Apps

How to Ask for Things

How to Recover From Reader’s Block

What is a Folk Custom?

How to Name Characters in Fantasy

Break the Lego House and Start Over (Or: Writing With Kids at Home)

Five Things Every Aspiring Author Should Know

How to Set Up Online Webinars and Meetings

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