No Wasted Ink Writers Links

No Wasted Ink Writers Links

Welcome to No Wasted Ink’s top ten writers links. This week I have many great writing tip articles for you, but also a sad obituary about author Norton Juster. I’ve been a fan of “The Phantom Tollbooth” since I was a child, and I note his passing with a regretful heart. I found another article about Heinlein’s 5 rules for writers. If you haven’t heard of his guidelines, it is worth checking out. Enjoy your week!

When Everything Changes – Capturing Profound Character Moments
Finding Your Way to the End
Picture Books for Older Readers
Tips for Working With a Social Media Assistant
Amazon withholds its ebooks from libraries because it prefers you pay it instead
The Phantom Tollbooth Author Norton Juster Has Died at 91
Make a Living at Writing?
Six Principles for Becoming a Better Worldbuilder
Heinlein’s Rules of Writing: Principles for Success
5 Ways to Use a Reading Journal to Improve Your Writing

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