No Wasted Ink Writers Links

No Wasted Ink Writers Links

Welcome to another set of No Wasted Ink Writers Links. These are my top-ten articles about the craft of writing, designed with the science fiction and fantasy writer in mind. This batch are mainly writing tips, but they are solid articles. I hope you get much use from them. Enjoy!

Conflict in Fiction: What It Really Is and Why It’s Important to Plot

Getting Your Work Out: How to Choose Your Best Avenue for the Time, Money, and Effort

5 Tips to Engage Readers Online by Dave Chesson

I’ll have what she’s having

How to Keep Your Favorite Character From Ruining Your Story

Why editors reject submissions

Writing Magic in a Real-World Setting

Who Are You Writing For?

How Much Research is Enough?

What Happens When You Write 20 Minutes a Day?

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