Space Cadet Science Fiction Review Publishes!

I’m pleased to announce that my Book Review about Robert A Heinlein’s novel “Space Cadet” published today. “The Space Cadet Science Fiction Review” is a literary journal of short stories, book reviews, and poetry in the science fiction genre.

Justin Sloane, the editor and publisher of this and other fine literary efforts asked me to review the book specifically. I am a fan of Robert A Heinlein’s work, and consider him one of my main influencers in science fiction writing and poetry.

While his work has suffered from dating, as you will read in my review, I consider his work to still be worth seeking out. He inspired more than one generation of scientists, engineers, and astronauts and his work has put a stamp on our ideas of what technology can accomplish.

Find the journal:

Note: I used the journal’s cover as part of my ad artwork. This fine journal cover was created by artist: Michael Alan Alien.

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