Back It Up! A Good Habit For Authors Publishes

After a long hiatus, I have returned to writing articles for “Writing Cooperative”, a magazine hosted on Medium with a good half million or so followers. This is my ninth article with them.

Nanowrimo is getting ready to start. The kickoff is November 1st every year. I was a municipal liaison for Nanowrimo for seven years. These are the volunteers that plan and host the public write-ins, host the writing parties, and help new writers gain useful habits in their writing process. One of the habits I always spoke about was to back up your work. At Nanowrimo, we recommend to do a full backup of your novel project at least once a week and to do it in more than one location.

My article “Back It Up! A Good Habit For Authors” is about the various ways you might backup your novel project. I hope you find it useful in your own writing process even if you are not participating in Nanowrimo.

5 thoughts on “Back It Up! A Good Habit For Authors Publishes”

  1. Nice post. I myself use Github for version control too, since I use a plain text editor which doesn’t have different versions of the file I can load. Github helps with that, so I can roll back to a particular day in case I need to. Also, I find it cool you have an Alphasmart Neo!

    1. Yes, I love my Neo. I don’t use it as much as I used to since I’m more a poet than a novelist these days, but I usually pull it out when I write during Nanowrimo. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comment.

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