2021 Schedule


Virtual Online Convention
Normally in Chicago, IL
February 4th – February 7th
Registration for Capricon:
Free and Paid Registration Available for attendees

I am an artist in the Capricon Art Show.  There will be a shipping free day on all items in the store during the convention.  Use coupon code CAPRICON2021 in my ESTY shop.
No Wasted Ink ESTY Shop

Speculative Poetry Reading Panel
Thursday Feb 4th @ 7pm

Wendy Van Camp Featured Reading (30 minutes)
Saturday Feb 6th @ 1pm – Birch

The Economics of Art (AKA Artists Need to Eat, Too!)
Friday Feb 5th @ noon

What Made You Do That? Podcasting & Interview Techniques
Friday Feb 5th @ 4pm – Ravinia

The Future According to Star Trek: Good, Bad or Ugly?
Friday Feb 5th @ 6pm – Ravinia

The Intersection of Art and Commerce
Friday Feb 5th @ 9pm – Willow

Hopeful Science Fiction About Less Miserable Futures
Sunday Feb 7th @ noon – Willow

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