2021 Schedule

Chicago Timezone
February 4th – February 7th
Registration for Capricon:
Free and Paid Registration Available for attendees

I am an artist in the Capricon Art Show.  No Wasted Ink ESTY Shop

Feb 4th @ 7pm – Speculative Poetry Reading Panel
Feb 6th @ 1pm – Wendy Van Camp Featured Reading (30 minutes)

Friday, Feb 5th
noon – The Economics of Art (AKA Artists Need to Eat, Too!)
4pm – What Made You Do That? Podcasting & Interview Techniques
6pm – The Future According to Star Trek: Good, Bad or Ugly?
Sunday, Feb 7th
noon – Hopeful Science Fiction About Less Miserable Futures

Eastern Timezone
April 22-25th
Registration for PenguiCon:
$10 for Registration

Wendy Van Camp is a FEATURED GUEST at Penguicon 2021

Saturday April 23
1:00 pm – SFPA: A Speculative Poetry Reading
2:00 pm – Conversations with Speculative Poets: Inspiration, Tips, and Community
4:00 pm – Scifaiku: A Speculative Poetry Workshop (instructor)
6:00 pm – Auka Lezli Hope & Wendy Van Camp Reading
7:00 pm – Attending a Major Writing Workshop
8:00 pm – Creating in the Time of Isolation
Sunday April 24
3:00 pm – So You Want to Edit an Anthology

Eastern Timezone
May 28th – 31st
Registration for Balticon is Free:

Friday May 28th
5:30pm Conversations with Speculative Poets
7:30pm Reading: Wendy Van Camp
8:30pm Podcasting on the Cheap

Saturday May 29th
4pm SFPA Poetry Group Reading

Sunday, May 30th
1 pm Its A Novel, Not A History Class
4pm Poetry Open-Mic (All are Welcome)
7pm Self-Publishing Your Novel: Critical Steps

Pacific Timezone
June 11th-13th

Poetry Panel found on YouTube!

Eastern TimeZone
August 13th – 15th

Discussions with Speculative Poets with Akua Lezlie Hope

Denver Marriott Tech Center
4900 S. Syracuse St., Denver, CO
October 1st – 3rd

My work will be exhibited in the MileHi Art Show! In person for the first time this year!

Strong Women Taking Charge – Saturday – 5pm

Friday – Oct 1st

4pm How Far Can A Horse Actually Run?
5pm Dilithium, Kyber, and Other Crystals

Saturday – Oct 2nd
11am – Conservation: Protecting Your Art
noon – The Art of Anthology Editing
2pm – SF&F Poetry

Sunday – Oct 3rd
1pm – Online All the Time

Four Points by Sheraton San Diego
8110 Aero Dr, San Diego, CA 92123
October 8th

I will teach my Scifaiku Poetry Workshop on Friday afternoon. Come join me and write Dr. Who themed haiku style poetry! Time and location found at the convention

Pacific Timezone
November 19th
Bally’s on the Strip
Las Vegas, NV

20Books Vegas is hosting an author table day. Many of the authors attending the convention will have a table to sell and autograph their books. I will be one of those authors. If you happen to be in Vegas on the 19th, our author table room will be open to the public. Come and visit and find many new exciting authors to read.

Airport Marriott – Los Angeles
November 26th – 28th

Coordinator for the SFPA Fantable

ConTinual: The Con That Never Ends (Virtual Con)
Eastern Timezone
December 14th
Panels accessed in FB group and on YouTube

7pm – Writer Planning Peeps for the Win in 2022

Eastern Timezone
December 15th – 19th
Washington, DC

Thursday December 16th
7pm – Harris (Virtual) – Wendy Van Camp Solo Reading
8:30pm – Congressional (On-Site) Making Space For Making (M)

Saturday December 18th
2:30pm – Kress (Virtual) – Speculative Poetry Reading
5:30pm – Older (Virtual) – New TV: From Foundation to Squid Game & Beyond

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