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SciFaiKu – [bluer and brighter] by Wendy Van Camp

[bluer and brighter]
a scifaiku poem

[bluer and brighter]
a scifaiku poem
by Wendy Van Camp

bluer and brighter
at fraction the speed of light
we sail toward the warmth

The poem was first published in the Spring 2023 issue of The Starlight Scifaiku Review by Starship Sloane Publishing.

The inspiration for this astropoetry/scifaiku poem is taken from an article about a group of scientists that are studying how fast the Earth is falling through the universe. Yes, someone is actually researching this!

Anaheim Poetry Review Launches!

Poets of Anaheim Poetry Review 2023

Anaheim Poetry Review is the debut of an annual poetry anthology for the city of Anaheim, CA. As poet laureate, I was happy to edit this volume and organize our book launch. Anaheim Poetry Review is not for sale. You will not find it on any regular book retailer.

As editor, I wanted to make sure that all the poets who contributed were compensated with a fun party and with exposure for their work. The review will be available to read for free on the anthology’s website as a flipbook, I am developing an ebook version to go into the digital library system, and each branch of the Anaheim Library system will have a single physical copy for their shelves. This archives the book for the future and it allows the poets to go to the library, point out the book to their friends and family to be able to say “My poetry is in this book.” For a debut poet, this is a heady thing indeed.

Photo of the box of books from the printer!  Anaheim Poetry Review copies debut!

Our launch party was April 11th at the Anaheim Central Library. The poets of the anthology were invited to read their work, not only for the sizable audience that came out for the event, but also for the cameras. The recorded reading is slated to be on Anaheim TV as part of their community lineup of programming and should eventually be available on YouTube via their channel.

List of Participating Poets:

Acoustic Librarian
Alia Alaweneh
Sherri L Benoun
Bobbo Byrnes
Laura Cadieu
Melissa Adylia Calasanz
Anilu Gabriel
Michelle Gonzalez
Aimee Inglis
Brian Harman
Camille Hernandez
LeAnne Hunt
Betty Hwang
Sarah Jedlicka
Carol Latham
Jessica Macias
Jane Muschenetz
Leslie Ortega
Mike Robbie
Catherine Spear
Aruni Wijesinghe
Sanjay Yadav

Thank You to the volunteer crew who recorded the reading:

Don Hillard, Jr.
Laixi Gu

It has been a pleasure coordinating this project as the Anaheim Poet Laureate. I am not sure if there will be another issue next year. Laureates generally only are around for two to three years in their term, but overall this was a fun project for me to develop and I’m glad to see it through to the end.

The Curate’s Brother – A Jane Austen Prequel of Persuasion

The Curate’s Brother: A Jane Austen Variation of Persuasion
by Wendy Van Camp

Available on Amazon

A Regency Historical based on the characters and settings from Jane Austen’s novel Persuasion. It can serve as a stand-alone or a prequel to Austen’s book.

It is the summer of 1806 in Somerset, England.

EDWARD WENTWORTH, a young curate, is surprised by the arrival of his brother, Commander FREDERICK WENTWORTH, the “hero of San Domingo”, who is on shore leave from his battles in the Napoleonic wars and has come to spend time with the only family he has in England.

All the good Commander wants to do is flirt and dance with the ladies until he is called back to sea, but when his flirting extends to SALLY MARSHALL, an outgoing beauty that Edward always disdained as “a child”, the curate becomes aware that his opinion of Sally is sorely outdated. Meanwhile, Frederick becomes drawn to shy wallflower ANNE ELLIOT. She is the daughter of a baronet and above his station, but Frederick pays no heed to his brother’s warnings that class may prevent their union.

At the end of summer, a letter and package arrive that will change everything for the two brothers. Which will prevail? The bold action of the commander or the quiet manners of the curate?

Eccentric Orbits 4 Launches!

Eccentric Orbits 4 Launches!

As Editor, I am pleased to announce that ECCENTRIC ORBITS 4 has officially launched! This anthology of science fiction poetry features poets from all over the globe and represents many cultures by diverse wordsmiths, but all in the genre of science fiction.

Eccentric Orbits: An Anthology of Science Fiction Poetry, volumne 4 is available as a paperback and an ebook, both via directly from the publisher and on Amazon

Featured poets:

Allen Ashley, Faruk Buzhala, Dale Champlin, Linda M. Crate, Binod Dawadi, Melissa Ridley Elmes, Gary Every, Mark A. Fisher, Jean-Paul L. Garnier, Lee Garrett, John Grey, Bradley Earle Hoge, Erin Jamieson, Alshaad Kara, Deborah L. Kelly, Gerri Leen, Goran Lowie, Richard Magahiz, Jack Massa, Mike McCormick, Gerald D. Nordley, Ramona Ridgewell, Roxana Negut, RK Rugg, Joshua St. Claire, F Stephan, J. J. Steinfeld, Lisa Timpf, Liz Tuckwell, DJ Tyrer, Wendy Van Camp, Jeff Young

SciFaiKu – [special relativity] by Wendy Van Camp

Scifaiku Poem by Wendy Van Camp

A Scifaiku Poem by Wendy Van Camp

special relativity
why speed effects time and space
an inferred tempo

The study of time and space has always fascinated me as a poet. I learned of a group of scientists that use astronomy to calculate the speed of the galaxy and Earth through space. I wrote a series of haiku style astropoetry about their concepts. This poem is part of this series “Cosmological Speed” which published in “The Starlight Scifaiku Review”, Spring of 2023.